Agile Estimating and Planning

Mike Cohn

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The first step to project success is accurate estimating and realistic planning.

Projects with unrealistic expectations affixed to them are likely to derail at an

early stage. This book shows the software practitioner how to effectively

estimate and properly plan a project within an agile context. The book's

content is suitable for projects using any agile or semi-agile process (such as

Extreme Programming, Scrum, Feature Driven Development, Crystal,

Adaptive Software Development, DSDM or even the IBM Rational Unified

Process). The ideas in this book will work with any iterative development

process, which greatly broadens the target audience beyond the traditional agile

community. Each chapter is supported by a summary and a set of questions

that allows readers to assess their ability to estimate and plan a project. The

result is an engaging read with pearls of wisdom that can be applied to the

reader's next project.


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