The Bluest Eye

The Bluest Eye

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Nobel prize-winning author of Beloved, Toni Morrison's debut novel immerses us in the tragic, torn lives of a poor black family - Pauline, Cholly, Sam and Pecola - in post-Depression 1940s Ohio.

Unlovely and unloved, Pecola prays each night for blue eyes like those of her privileged white schoolfellows. At once intimate and expansive, unsparing in its truth-telling, The Bluest Eye shows how the past savagely defines the present.

'Discovering a writer like Toni Morrison is rarest of pleasures' Washington Post

Winner of the PEN/Saul Bellow award for achievement in American fiction "Not only a story but an awe-inspiring poem that confronts beauty itself." Guardian "A profoundly successful work of fiction... Taut and understated, harsh in its detachment, sympathetic in its is an experience" Detroit Free Press "This story commands attention, for it contains one black girl's universe" Newsweek "I imagine if our greatest American novelist, William Faulkner, were alive today he would herald Toni Morrison's emergence as a kindred spirit... Discovering a writer like Toni Morrison is the rarest of pleasures" The Washington Post "The Bluest Eye is a fine book, a lament for all starved and stunted children everywhere" Daily Telegraph "Morrison's style rivets the reader...her synaesthetic, often rhythmic, even chanting prose recalls both Faulkner and Emily Dickinson" The Times Literary Supplement




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