Galgo Español

The Spanish Sighthound

Claudia Gaede, Thomas Ebbrecht

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Originally bred in its homeland, Spain, for hunting hares, the Galgo Español has found his way into the rest of the world. One reason surely is that the breed is also suited as a pleasant companion and a family dog.
Galgos show the typical characteristics of sighthounds. At home, they behave relatively calm and unobtrusive as they save their energy and their Spanish fire for the outside walks. They are very affectionate with their master and their family. Galgos are gentle and sensitive with children and get along easily with other dogs and even with cats, when they have got used to them.
Galgos are not stupid and in contrast to the generally held opinion that sight-hounds are not obedient, Galgos are relatively easy to educate and are willing to learn all the most important commands. Once you have got a Galgo as a companion, you will never want to be without him again.
Content: Character - Appearance - Colours in the Breed - Education and Development - The versatile Galgo - Galgos in Shows - Health and Care - History - Hunting with Galgos in Spain - Rescue Galgos - FCI-Breeding in Spain - Galgos outside of Spain - Appendix
The English translation was corrected and arranged by Roderick Russell-Jones, who is a Briton, living in the South of France for many years now. He has decades of experience with sighthounds, first with Lurchers back in England, later with Greyhounds and Galgos Españoles, with whom he successfully participates in shows and sports.


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ISBN 978-3-8423-5996-3

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