Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workbook For Dummies

Romilla Ready, Kate Burton

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If you are one of the millions of people who have alreadydiscovered the power of NLP, Neuro-linguistic ProgrammingWorkbook For Dummies will allow you to perfect itslessons on how to think more positively and communicate moreeffectively with others.

This workbook is packed with hands-on exercises and practicaltechniques to help you make the most of NLP's toolkit for newthinking and personal change. These can have an impact on manyaspects of your life: from helping you change your negativebeliefs, to building rapport and influencing others, to takingcharge of the direction your life is taking. Take yourunderstanding of NLP to the next level, and reap the benefits.

Neuro-linguistic Programming Workbook For Dummiesincludes:

Getting Your Mindset Right with NLP

Setting Sound Goals

Recognising Your Unconscious Values

Recognising How You Distort Thinking

Developing Personal Rapport

Managing Your Emotions and Experiences

Changing Habits and Modeling Success

Recognizing What Works

Adapting Language with Metamodeling and the Milton Model

Romilla Ready works as a trainer and executive coach. Havingrealised that the common denominator in any interaction - whetherthat causes stress or gives pleasure - is people she developed anddelivers relationship Wizardry® in Business. These areworkshops where her clients learn to build profitable relationshipsby understanding the psychology of communication. Romilla alsooffers a potent blend of NLP and metaphysics in her BreakthroughCoaching for executives who experience fast, powerful results. Someof the positive 'side effects' experienced by Romilla's clients area reduction in stress and an increase in personal effectiveness.Romilla also plays matchmaker at her public workshops, RelationshipWizardry® for Singles where people learn about creating theirdream relationship.

Kate Burton is an executive coach and trainer who ispassionate about enabling individuals and teams to communicateeffortlessly and tune up their careers to be healthy andsustainable. She brings 30 years' experience to her internationalwork with services-based business and professional firms. Her owncareer began in corporate advertising and marketing withHewlett-Packard.

Today she thrives on supporting people in boosting theirmotivation, self-awareness, and confidence. Her belief is thatpeople all have unique talents, abilities, and core values. Theyjust need to be focused in the best direction.

Kate also co-authored the bestselling Neuro-linguisticProgramming For Dummies with Romilla Ready and Building ConfidenceFor Dummies with Brinley Platts.


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