In Pursuit of Meaningfulness in Work

The Individual Consultant’s Attitude to the Profession of Management Consulting

Sebastian Müller-Bellé

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“The biggest threat to the new forms of labour prevalent in the brave new world of consulting is not, I believe, the lack of money but the absence of humanity.” (O’Mahoney, 2007, p. 300)

While there have been many attempts to define and formalize the profession of management consulting, involving economic objectives, management and leadership theories, as well as role models and behavioural patterns, little attention has been given to the individual consultant’s expectations and needs as part of the profession.

This qualitative research explores the consultant’s view of the profession against the backdrop of a framework for meaningfulness in work, enabling the individual’s pursuit of meaningful work as a constituent part of their life.

Open and responsive interviews are used to explore the individual consultant’s purpose, expectations, motivations and tensions experienced in their daily work as management consultants, ultimately aiming to identify how humanism can contribute to their perception of meaningfulness in work.

Sebastian Müller-Bellé has gained over fourteen years of management consulting experience, enabling companies' digital capabilities as part of global transformation projects, including customer experience design and implementation, big data and analytic competencies, as well as business process re-engineering in the areas of sales and service.
Sebastian has a track record as project lead, experienced in managing global projects with large multinational teams involving over 100 consultants.
He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in International Management and is currently finalizing his Ph.D. at the Universiteit voor Humanistiek (UvH) in Utrecht, dealing with aspects of positive psychology within his current profession of management consulting.


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